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A dental bridge is a tooth prosthetic designed to enhance your smile with a replacement that can give you the peace of mind of a complete set of teeth. Even a single missing tooth is enough to completely offset your smile and lead to numerous issues eating, speaking, and functioning in regular social settings. To help ensure you don’t fall victim to the social stigma of our society due to any missing teeth, always replace any teeth that may be extracted or knocked out due to an oral health accident or gum disease. A highly effective prosthetic to consider is a dental bridge.

If you have any lost or missing teeth, it is essential that you have them replaced as soon as possible. When missing teeth go untreated, it can lead to severe oral health ailments including bone loss and speech defects. This occurs because your jawbone will begin to weaken and deteriorate and lead to gum destabilization. In addition, plaque buildup can occur in the area left behind and can slowly increase your risk of tooth decay.

If you have any missing or lost teeth, dental bridges can be used to repair impediments that may have arisen. Depending on the location of the teeth lost, you may have suffered a downturn in your ability to chew and eat food as well as hindrances in your speech. Once your smile is complete once more, these skills will be restored to their proper functionality.

Dental bridges can also repair the look of your smile. Not only will dental bridges help to complete your smile, but they will also be extremely effective for restoring bite stability, and can be helpful for space maintenance and the proper anchoring of your jawbone. Because dental bridges are connected directly to your teeth and gums, a weak jawbone will not prevent you from having dental bridges placed.

Imagine yourself with a better smile thanks to dental bridge replacements. If you would like to consult with a dentist in Chino Hills, California, you are welcome to contact Dr. Alexander Santos and our team about dental bridge replacements. To schedule an appointment at our dentist office of Chino Hills Family Dentistry, call our spectacular team at 909-342-7945, and we will help you as best we can.