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Are you at a greater risk for sleep apnea? Sleep apnea is sleep disorder commonly caused by issues breathing during sleep. Oftentimes, a person with sleep apnea will wake up multiple times a night and not even be aware of it. The failure to breathe while asleep can be the result of two major factors.

One common form of sleep apnea, called obstructive sleep apnea, is caused when a sleeper’s airway becomes blocked or obstructed. This can be caused for a variety of reasons, including genetics. Genetics can play a huge role in your ability to breathe properly at night. Another form of sleep apnea is called central sleep apnea, which is caused by missing signals sent from the brain that fail to reach their destination in your breathing muscles within your chest instructing your body to breathe. If you are unable to breathe, your body will wake up, but damage can still be done.

Sleep apnea is more common in males over the age of 40. Certain genetic factors can also make you liable, including large tonsils, or tongue, or even a deviated septum. If it runs in your family, there is a good chance you may have it or get it someday too.

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