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Dental erosion is one of the biggest threats to your health. Even if you continually do what’s necessary to protect your smile, there could be damage slowly seeping in and eating away at your tooth enamel. Dental erosion occurs when harmful acids continue to eat through your tooth enamel. Harmful acids can arise, and numerous oral ailments can be caused, including by the foods you eat, genetic predispositions, and even symptoms and disorders of products you may be taking.

Dental erosion occurs when harmful acids eat through your tooth enamel. However, numerous factors are involved which can increase your risk of dental erosion. Some environmental predispositions can increase your risk for dental erosion that you have no control over. This includes genetic predispositions and environmental influences. In addition, acid reflux disease, medications, dry mouth, and excessive sugar consumption can increase your risk of dental erosion.

In order to properly treat dental erosion, it is essential that you practice oral health care cleaning habits every day including brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once a day. This is essential to clean away acids that can build up in your mouth and damage your tooth enamel. Because acids can begin to damage your teeth immediately after eating, it is important to use effective cleaning tools after eating as well, including mouthwash and sugarless chewing gum.

In order to help prevent erosion, it is essential to help form saliva in your mouth. This includes eating chewy and crunchy foods that will help wash away acids and promote the formation of saliva. Saliva can help neutralize acids and promote the formation of disease-fighting substances. In addition, make sure you’re eating healthy to avoid substances that can easily damage your smile.

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