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Our goal as a periodontal practice is to treat our patients’ smiles with the most cutting-edge oral technology to so that they can live free of damaging gum disease and enjoy excellent oral health. With periodontal laser therapy, our treatment for gum disease is more precise and effective than ever before.

You may have firsthand experience in the damaging effects of periodontitis, one of which is causing the gums to recede from the teeth and leave the tooth roots exposed. To halt gum recession and correct the damage, we need to effectively remove the diseased gum tissue and lingering bacteria in order to promote healthy gum tissue regeneration.

During a typical periodontal laser therapy procedure, Dr. Alexander Santos removes diseased gum tissue with the help of the powerful laser and directly accesses the tooth root in order to eliminate any plaque or bacteria in the area. Then, he ensures the root area is smooth and free of rough spots so that future infections can’t develop. This process allows the gum tissue to regenerate rapidly in healthy gums.

The benefits of using a periodontal laser include the lack of needing an anesthetic, precise and accurate treatment, and the more conservative nature that allows faster recovery than you can expect from most traditional procedures.

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