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If you have sustained an oral accident or injury, check to make sure your tooth enamel on any teeth that were not knocked out is unbroken. If the tooth enamel is injured, it must be repaired as soon as possible. However, if the pulp within the tooth is already damaged, it must be taken out in order to save the tooth from an extraction.

The promise of a healthier smile awaits with root canals. The key to understanding root canals includes the following:

– Relentless wear and tear on teeth due to multiple procedures can weaken tooth enamel and expose a tooth, at which point a root canal is needed if the pulp is damaged.

– On the outside of a tooth is a thin layer called the tooth enamel, which helps guard the inner workings of a tooth. However, the tooth enamel can be harmed, and your root can be exposed to infections and decay, thus prompting the need for a root canal.

– Bacteria and harmful acids that cross the threshold through holes in the tooth enamel can damage the pulp of a tooth.

– The pulp of a tooth can easily be broken by an oral accident or injury.

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