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If you have a toothache, then you know how painful and troubling it can be. The good news is toothaches are more than just a warning sign something is wrong, but they also can be treated by an oral health care professional.

Our dentist, Dr. Alexander Santos, can help you if you are experiencing a toothache. Until you can come into the office, our team at Chino Hills Family Dentistry in Chino Hills, California, is happy to share some tips on how to treat your achy tooth.

Here are some tips and tricks for toothache treatments:

– Over-the-counter medicines can help treat toothaches and lower pain to make bearable until you can see your dentist.
– Ice packs can help reduce the pain and swelling for a short time.
– Clean your mouth and teeth cautiously to clear bacteria that could make it worse and encourage healing for your achy teeth.
– Floss your teeth gently in case a seed or food particle is causing the issue between your teeth or along your gumline.
– Call your dentist and make an appointment as quickly as possible, so your dentist can see why you are in pain and correct the issue.
– Rinse your mouth carefully to wash away bacteria from your teeth and gums.
– Avoid any hard or tough to chew foods, so you do not make a toothache worse or put your teeth in danger from damage.

If you feel your oral health is in danger because of a toothache, please call us today at 909-342-7945, so we can schedule an appointment for you. Our team of experts are happy to review your oral health and help you with your toothache.