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If you want your smile to thrive, you should take care of it on a day-to-day basis. This does not mean you have to guard it under lock and key every single second of the day, but having basic prevention plans in place and by using a nominal amount of protection, you can do wonders for tooth hazard prevention. By minimizing risks and optimizing your oral health, you can make sure your smile can thrive for many decades to come.

Never forget the oral health risks associated with mouth jewelry. Mouth jewelry, specifically tongue piercings, pose significant choking hazards because of the damage they can do to your teeth and gums. Not only can they cause nerve damage, but they can also break off and become choking hazards. In addition, they can chip and crack teeth and cause infections to break out.

If you would like a mouth guard to help protect your smile, speak with your dentist about having one custom-crafted for your individual oral health care needs. They can also be purchased from local stores and will come pre-formed and ready to wear. They are extremely effective for minimizing damage caused by blunt trauma and can be used to help prevent chipping and cracking of your teeth.

Be aware that your teeth might not be as strong as they used to be, and you will not be able to bite through products that you once we’re able to. Even if you were able to chew through ice back when you were young, doing so now may cause severe oral accidents and injuries. Biting into hard products such as hard candy or popcorn kernels may potentially chip or crack your teeth, and even knock your teeth out. Thus, exercise caution when biting into any hard products.

True oral health happiness thanks to tooth hazard treatments is easily obtainable as long as you are willing to seek it. Are you ready for tooth hazard treatments? If so, please call 909-342-7945 to schedule an appointment with Chino Hills Family Dentistry at our office in Chino Hills, California. Dr. Alexander Santos and our expert team are here to ensure you receive the tooth hazard treatments your smile needs.