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When you shop for dental products have you ever seen a little seal on the packaging? It has the letters “ADA” and usually says it’s been approved by the ADA. What does that mean? That’s actually a question we get quite often here at Chino Hills Family Dentistry in Chino Hills, California.

Since Dr. Alexander Santos has been a member of the ADA for 20 years, we thought it’d be great to explain what the ADA seal of approval is and why it matters.

What is it?

The ADA Seal of Approval is placed on dental products by the American Dental Association, only after the ADA has tested the product to ensure that it delivers the benefits it advertises. A product can’t earn the ADA seal unless it’s thoroughly tested to make sure that it meets the high standards to which the ADA holds its endorsed products.

Why does it matter?

This is a bit easier to explain. Since the ADA is a nationwide association, when something earns the ADA seal of approval that’s essentially saying that every member of the ADA publicly endorses that product. It’s like a personal recommendation from your dentist – but you don’t have to visit the office to get it!

So while it may not be outwardly apparent, the values of the ADA seal of approval are important to consider when shopping for oral health products.